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What Else Can I Say…?

What’s good, everybody?! I do apologize its taken me a while to get to this. After Saturday’s stream, as usual, I was tired on Sunday and had yet… Continue reading

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The MajorsHouse Show Ep. 8: Thanks to Viewers Like You

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Words still cannot describe how grateful I am to have such a wonderful community that helped me reach my Extra Life goal for the year! You can catch… Continue reading

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Introducing MajorRig 2.0!

This case has seen better days… Well, here it is folks! The moment that you all (or maybe just I) have been waiting for! The true reveal of… Continue reading

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The MajorsHouse Show Episode 7: Mama’s Gonna Get You, Sucka

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Don’t ever fuck with a woman scorned. Especially when the woman is the mother of a crime boss and has access to a meat cleaver. Y’all gon’ learn… Continue reading

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Extra Life 16-hour Make Up Stream This Saturday!

What’s up, everybody?! Hope your feeling good and in great spirits because I need your help once again! As you all know, the Extra Life game day has… Continue reading

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