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MajorOffline: We Be Glitchin’ (New Twitch Scene Collection Test)

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Figured I’d give a sneak peak of what to expect when ya boi comes back to Twitch (not that he ever left, but yeah…) Content provided by Gamers… Continue reading

Notcho Friends Podcast

Notcho Friends Podcast Ep. #8 The Paper Bag Test

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In this week’s episode, we try to keep things conservative and “PG-13” That didn’t last very long. We also talk about how rich we are and by the… Continue reading

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MajorOffline: Golem Gates

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Shout out to TruGaming for the game! Golem Gates is a RTS game with card like elements. Thoroughly enjoyed this game more than I thought I would. Content… Continue reading

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MajorOffline: The Darwin Project

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Tired of trying to kill 99 other people? How about only 9? Darwin Project is a pretty good battle royale game that’s still in early access on Steam…. Continue reading

Notcho Friends Podcast

Notcho Friends Podcast Ep. #7 Titty Meat

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Having a frank and honest discussion about some very heavy topics. Of course, you can always catch us live over at Hit us up on Twitter at @MajorLinux… Continue reading

Major's House Opinion Self Reflection

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It can really be hard to put down in words how you really feel about a situation. It starts like a little nugget in your mind. You know… Continue reading

Notcho Friends Podcast

Notcho Friends Podcast Ep. #6 Smells So Bad, Sounds So Wet

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“SMDFTB!!” –The Kid Mero We can never ever be down one person, ever again. Audio goes out the window. Trolls come out of hiding. It was the Brat-worst!… Continue reading

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Notcho Friends Podcast Ep. #5: The Gang Makes Major a Meme

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Mistakes were made when the first guest we invited was so into wrestling… –Marcus “MajorLinux” Summers Thanks to AninoXGaming for joining us tonight for our longest show to… Continue reading

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Notcho Friends Podcast Episode Four: Moving Pictures

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The show just seems to get so much further away from us the more tech we add to it. Then again, I just really like looking at myself… Continue reading

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MajorLabs: Rode Mic Setup

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Take a small tour of the Rode Podcaster setup! Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone Rode PSM 1 Shock Mount for Podcaster Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom… Continue reading

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