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MajorOffline: Devil Engine

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Yet another attempt to try and be good at video games just goes horribly wrong! Might have to go back and practice this one… Check it out on… Continue reading

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MajorOffline: HDMI Switch Upgrades

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After thinking something went down with my old HDMI switch, I bought some new ones to help facilitate all the devices plugged in and to make capturing easier… Continue reading

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The MajorsHouse Show Ep. 265: One Bra Fits All

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There are a lot of things a guy might give a girl that belong to their mom, but a battle armor bra may be one of the last… Continue reading

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MajorExploit: MajorHome, Plex, and YouTube-DL

Lately, I’ve been working on a little project. It had kind of morphed in the year I had been working on it. After migrating this site off of… Continue reading

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Thinking of Trying Something New: MajorExploits

While I sit here, in between tickets, drinking can after can of Diet Dr Pepper (I know its not good for me but I’m stressing right now!), I… Continue reading

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