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The MajorsHouse Show Ep. 267: Silent Homepeople In Space

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You know I’ve been gone for a while when I forget to unmute Discord voice chat.

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Major Conquests: All Apple Everything

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Hi! My name is Marcus, but online, I tend to go by the name MajorLinux. After today, I don’t know if I can keep that alias anymore. Over… Continue reading

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The MajorsHouse Show Extra Life Spectacular: LEGO, Bastion!

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Starting to wonder if Blizzard out-Lego’d Playground Games ▶ Check out my gear on Kit!

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MajorOffline: iPhone 11 Pro Video Test

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Took the new phone out to CenterFest in Durham, NC with the family to test out some of the cameras’ capabilities. Most of the footage was recorded at… Continue reading

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The Cookout Admin Meet and Greet

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Taking part in a new initiative to get Cookout Admins and Mods introduced to the community! ▶ Check out my gear on Kit!

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