My name is Marcus Summers. I am 28 years old from central North Carolina. I am a gamer who was mostly playing for fun. I’m now looking to change that.

For years now, I’ve been building up to go on my own. After being in the IT field for 10 years (yes, I know that’s not a lot), with the jobs that I have, the places I’ve been, and the people I have learned from and taught, I feel like its time to spread my wings and fly. This is the reason that MajorsHouse.com. It was a place where I can talk gaming and tech, the two things that I’m passionate about. Its also a place where we can have a free exchange of ideas about these topics and grow.

MajorsHouse.com has seen several changes over the four years its been live. First off, it started off as a site for me to easily access my Linux install from home. From there, the actual website formed where I would write about various topics when I used to work from home during third shift providing IT support.

Since then, time has become more of a luxury, but, due to that, money was a little more abundant which allowed me to pivot the site to be more audio and video focused with gaming videos and podcasts taking center stage. Writing was still there, but has taken a secondary role.

Now, I feel the site has what it needs to move on to the next stage. This move will require more time on my part. More time than I have working my actual day job.  As it stands right now, I put on 2 hour streams and have been experimenting with longer streams. I record 1 to 2 hour gaming and tech podcasts every Thursday night. I have begun hosting my streaming archives on the site so, along with my podcast, everything I produce is now owned and run by me.

For the tech side, I would like to extend the capabilities of the site to not just focus on tech only on a podcast and video games for video. I would like to be able to review tech along with educating people on how to use all the tech they have at their disposal. This means doing more in depth write-ups of the world in tech and the experiences that I have. It also means actually doing how-to videos are showing tech tips and tricks.

With the gaming side of things, I’d like to be able to do more streams more often. I especially would love to highlight games that either no one has heard of or forgotten. I also would use this platform to give back. As a member of Extra Life, I know how important it is to give back to your community and to do something bigger than all of us. I would like to partner with other streamers and hopefully companies so we can establish good will between everyone involved and to use it to better our communities.

Again, with these proposed changes, some things need to happen. The most important thing is to find funding. Right now, the site is solely funded through me thanks to my full time job. However, because of the job, I can’t dedicate the time needed to help the site grow. This is where the funding comes in. Not only would the site need funding, but actual household bills would need to be paid as well. Believe it or not, at the moment, I’m not requesting funding for equipment because I actually bought it all. This is solely so I can actually try and make a living from this endeavor.


I have enabled three ways to support MajorsHouse.com. The first is the Patreon. This was initially setup to pay for hosting and general bills needed to keep MajorsHouse live including power, Internet and other bills. For gaming, I chose to use Gamewisp seeing as its been a popular platform to use for many streamers out there. This should help in funding the gaming arm like buying new games and possibly new equipment. It will also go towards giveaways for the site to get the community more involved in the games being played. This can range from codes to hardware and possibly systems if the budget allows.

I would also like to state that the money raised will not go to waste. Any money raised through any method will be properly accounted for. There will be documentation posted as to where the money is going. Also, because I believe in charity, any money that is left over from paying the bills will be donated to a charity of either mine or the community’s choosing.

Doing this has been a dream of mine for a long time now. I feel like I’m at a position where I am ready to make this a reality.

It’s my time now!

-Marcus “MajorLinux” Summers

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