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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free for PlayStation Plus Members This Week

Well, looky here! Finally a game that’ll I’ll be playing once I download it, which I’m aware won’t be until Dec. 21 (let’s hope the idiots at the… Continue reading

Gaming Linux Steam

Merry Christmas! Valve extends the Linux Beta Program

It always been a dream of mine for Linux to take over the PC market, but I do admit its going to be a huge hill to climb…. Continue reading


About time! PlayStation Network to get Web-based Store

Well, it only took them an eternity, but it seems like Sony has finally come to their senses and have decided to release a web-based store for the… Continue reading

Major's House Microsoft Nintendo Opinion Sony Technology 4

My First Year with the Xbox 360

I don’t think any of you can tell, but the Xbox Live avatar actually enjoys Linux, any other kind of open source software, and biggest of all PlayStation!… Continue reading

Android Apple Camera Opinion Technology

Snapseed Launched on Android, iOS App Goes to “Free.99”

As stated earlier, it seems that Google is just all about releasing things this week.  It makes me wonder if they planned this…(probably did).  The latest in announcements… Continue reading


MajorTrainShort: Upcoming Changes to MajorsHouse.com



Google+ Introduces Communities

  Seems like Google has been pretty busy this week.  With multiple updates to core apps on the Android platform and a slightly related rollout of Jellybean to… Continue reading

Android Apple MajorRant Technology

MajorRant: iMessage For the Rest of Us

You know, I’m starting to have an issue with Apple’s iMessage application for iOS.  Now you can go ahead and say that I’ll hate anything Apple just because… Continue reading

Android Apple Technology

Make Room in the Bed! T-Mobile Now Snuggling With Apple

News was released this morning via Twitter that T-Mobile will now be selling Apple products in their stores come 2013.  There was no word on which products will… Continue reading


New Things Coming to MajorsHouse.com

    What’s up everyone?! Can you sense the excitement in the air?! There are new changes coming to MajorsHouse.com. And not just the website, but the podcast,… Continue reading

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