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MajorsHouse Making It Easier To Interact

I’m proud to announce that we have added a huge feature to the site.  We have added the ability for users to log in via Facebook, Google, Twitter,… Continue reading

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Google Applies for Virtual Keyboard Patent to Use on Google Glass

You know, I enjoyed the Inception, but I think people show their love for the movie a little too much.  Let’s take Google.  Their “advanced” projects department, Google… Continue reading

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Sony Announces PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle, White Console

See what happens when you give something a brand new coat of paint.  They go out, grab a year’s worth PlayStation+ and start acting all brand new. Which… Continue reading

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Oracle Releases Java 7 Update 11 Fixing Zero-Day Vulnerability

Seems like Oracle was telling the truth when they said they would release an update to Java soon.  Today, they have released Java SE 7 Update 11, which… Continue reading

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PlayStation Store Gets Update, Faster Than Before

Today, Sony released an update for the PlayStation Store on the PS3. Even if you have PlayStation+, you will still have to turn on your system and load… Continue reading

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Oracle Announces Fix For Java Bug

Today, Oracle has confirmed that there is a zero-day vulnerability in Java 7 that was discovered earlier this week.  The company has told Reuters that there will be a… Continue reading

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Java Vulnerability Discovered, Disabling is Your Only Option

The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has announced that there is a Java zero-day vulnerability that is being exploited at this very moment.  At the moment, the… Continue reading


IBM Thought Watson Got Too Urban, Put Him Back in the Suburbs

News has surfaced from CNN this week about the beginning stages of Watson, the supercomputer that beat the best of the best in Jeopardy a couple of years ago…. Continue reading

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Sony Unveiling US Web-based PlayStation Store This Month

Sony is finally getting around to releasing a US version of the PlayStation Store web-front this month.  It was available late last year and was uncovered by our… Continue reading

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Panasonic Wants Photographers to See the Big Picture: Unveils 20-inch 4K Windows 8 Tablet

During CES, Panasonic has pulled the sheet off one of its newest devices.  They have unveiled a huge tablet, coming in at 20 inches, running Windows 8.  But… Continue reading

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