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Facebook Not Only Looks Back at 2012, It Let’s You Look Back at Your Year As Well

Not to be outdone, Facebook has announced its 2012 Year in Review.  This is similar to Google’s Zeitgeist and will allow you to see what went down this… Continue reading

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Google Maps Coming to iOS Real Soon!

So, I take it since you found my blog you aren’t using Apple Maps.  If you were looking for Cult of Mac, yeah this news might just be… Continue reading


The MajorTrain Show Episode 15 – Introducing the Rick Ross of Podcasting


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Google Released Statement After Mysterious Chrome Crashes Yesterday

According to The Verge, Google software engineer Tim Steele took to the Chromium Developer Forum to explain that the crashes that users were experiencing in Google Chrome and… Continue reading

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Gabe Newell Talks about the Alleged “Steambox”

This weekend, during the Spike TV VGAs, Gabe Newell had talked to Kotaku about Valve’s newest venture, a hardware product.  With all the news behind Steam officially supporting… Continue reading

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Google Now Too Awesome to be Contained in Android, Coming to Chrome Soon

Google Now, one of Android’s best features that was introduced back in July of this year, has finally decided to extend its territory to new and exciting places…. Continue reading

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The Time is Nearly At Hand! Steam Begins Adding Linux System Requirements to Games

Seeing news like this is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  According to OMG! Ubuntu!, Steam has been publishing system requirements for some, not… Continue reading


The New Beta for SwiftKey Will be an Update to Existing App

You gotta love Twitter.  When people have gripes, they take to the social networking site to air grievances and you never know what will happen next.  This time,… Continue reading

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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free for PlayStation Plus Members This Week

Well, looky here! Finally a game that’ll I’ll be playing once I download it, which I’m aware won’t be until Dec. 21 (let’s hope the idiots at the… Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! Valve extends the Linux Beta Program

It always been a dream of mine for Linux to take over the PC market, but I do admit its going to be a huge hill to climb…. Continue reading

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