MajorsHouse Server Upgrade

Hello everyone! MajorLinux here! For those who do not know, I am the techie behind MajorSophisticationZero and MajorsHouse. Tonight, I will be performing some maintenance on the server that runs them… Continue reading

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Fable III Available For Free on Xbox Live Games on Demand

Update: It appears to be official and is probably to help promote the HD remakes of the first two Fable games. Thanks to a good Twitter friend of… Continue reading

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Rumor: Microsoft to Take Cut of Xbox One Used Game Sells From Retailers

While it is just a rumor, it seems we may have a bit of clarification as to how the used game sells of Xbox One titles might go… Continue reading

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Consoles Aren’t All About Games Anymore

Its been three days since the reveal of the Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, and we’ve heard and read a lot of things about it.  The one… Continue reading

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The Major’s Take on the Xbox One Reveal

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you would have known that, yesterday, Microsoft revealed their next generation console, the Xbox One.  Here are some thoughts… Continue reading

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Is this how Facebook is handling app updates?

So, I got this notification today from my Facebook app. I rather like it as it seems like they are trying to take charge of their app development… Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS XL: Making My Console Manufacture Life Complete

Friday was a hell of a day! After working 11:30pm the night before to 8:30am (normal hours for my job), instead of going to sleep, I had a… Continue reading

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Super Mario 3D Land: Write it Down and Make it Plain

Now here me out.  I’m not saying that I’m a lazy bum and want things handed to me (however, I could be viewed as the former).  What I… Continue reading

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Guacamelee’s Cross Control Leaves Something to be Desired

So, this weekend, I came across some extra money (mainly my overtime money for being on-call from the last weekend) and I decided I’d treat myself to a… Continue reading

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Android is an OS, Not a Phone

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people griping and complaining about how there are so many “Android phones” in the market.  They say that not a day… Continue reading

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