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Took Long Enough! Facebook Releases Native Android App

  Well, it seems while Google was doing something that seemed long overdue for iOS, Facebook, not to be outdone, decided it was time to scratch Android’s back… Continue reading

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Valve to “Open” Up Their Steam Linux Beta in Time for Christmas

Over at Phoronix, it was announced that Valve has plans of opening up their Steam Linux Beta to even more people, more than was actually revealed last week…. Continue reading


The Grid: Week of December 12, 2012

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Facebook Not Only Looks Back at 2012, It Let’s You Look Back at Your Year As Well

Not to be outdone, Facebook has announced its 2012 Year in Review.  This is similar to Google’s Zeitgeist and will allow you to see what went down this… Continue reading

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Google Maps Coming to iOS Real Soon!

So, I take it since you found my blog you aren’t using Apple Maps.  If you were looking for Cult of Mac, yeah this news might just be… Continue reading

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