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Managed IT Services

Helping you take back your content since 2012

How I Can Help You

I’ve been working on creating a space where the I can control all facets of the content that I create for almost 10 years.

I now want to take the knowledge and experience I gained and assist those in gaining the same freedom!


Help guide clients to choose, create, and maintain online spaces that they would like to deploy for themselves and their communities.


Provide hosting for clients who would like to take control of their content, but may not be comfortable maintaining the space on their own.

Built on FLOSS

Most, if not all, of our projects are build on Free/Libre and Open Source Software.

Who I've Worked With

This site used to be the home to

It is my online home once the domain became available.

It shows off the nearly eight years of work I’ve put into building a site to call my own.

Not only do I run MajorLinux and MajorsHouse, but I also operate a livestreaming platform, MajorTV, and a mail server, MajorMail.

The Cookout

The Cookout was founded as a black centered space that is also open to all People of Color as a safe space to connect, discuss, and create!

Not only do I provide website hosting for them, but I also have helped with roll out a YouTube alternative using PeerTube, forum space using Discourse, and other backend administrative services!

Tempted Paradise

For Tempted Paradise Studios, I provide just basic hosting services.

I am to assist those who want to freedom to create what they want, when they want and grant customers all the flexibility they need to get the job done!

Notcho Friends

Notcho Friends is a podcast a host with my friends, The High Heeled Gamer and JayDukes!

While the podcasts are generally hosted on Anchor, I’ve included Amazon S3 for longer term storage of the shows being hosted on the site to keep costs down.