Twitchin’ with the Major

So, there comes a time in a person’s life when…

Alright, I’m gonna stop right there! So, in a failed attempt at rebranding, I have decided to go back to Twitchin’ with the Major!

Mainly, this decision was made due mainly because I won’t be streaming games from the loft of my house anymore. In fact, I’d be surprised if I’d be playing any more games in there.

While I’m here, I might as well announce the schedule I hope to follow in the for the next few months. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be streaming every night starting at 7:00pm except for Thursday nights. Thursdays are when I record The MajorsHouse Show (which you should totally check out).

So, please check me out over on Twitch and give me a follow!

–Marcus “MajorLinux” Summers


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