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The Best Things in Life Are Free and Google Knows It! Free Gmail Calling Extended for US and Canada Through 2013

This next post goes out  to all the penny-pinchers out there (my fiance, included).  Google has announced that Google Voice/Gmail will be extending its free calling program through… Continue reading

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Syncing MOGA controller to Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Here’s a quick little post for you guys.  I shot a video on how to sync the MOGA Android gaming controller to my Samsung Epic 4G Touch.  Very… Continue reading

Gaming Sony

Jetpack Joyride Available for Free on PSN on New Years Eve

Who loves you? Sony loves you.  Or at least that’s what I’m getting when news being released today stating that Jetpack Joyride will be released on the PlayStation… Continue reading

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About Bloody Time! Steam Linux Client is Open To All!

Ladies and gentlemen!  It brings me great pride to announce, thanks to Phoronix, that the Steam Linux Client is now open to everyone! Valve has given everyone in… Continue reading


You Can Start Watching TV on Your WiiU Tomorrow

Nintendo annoucned that the TVii service for the WiiU will finally be available in Canada and the US on December 20th.  This application was orginally supposed to be… Continue reading

Apple Patent

Apple’s Pinch to Zoom Patent Temporarily Invalid

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has rejected another one of Apple’s patents, this one being the “pinch to zoom” patent (7,844,915).  Legally speaking, it is… Continue reading

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Samsung to Address Malware Exploit Found on Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II

This past weekend, it was unveiled that there was an exploit was found on the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II smartphones.  This would allow for… Continue reading

Gaming Sony

New PlayStation Vita Firmware on the Way! (At least its optional)

Coming down from the PlayStation Twitter account last night, it was announced that the PlayStation Vita will be receiving an optional v2.02 firmware update “soon”. Please don’t shoot… Continue reading

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Samsung Legal Pulls Out of Europe: Drops Apple Injunction Request Across Continent

So, it seems that Samsung considered what happened in California a good thing.  So good, in fact, that they have dropped all their injunction requests again Apple all… Continue reading

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Apple Not Allowed Indefinite Injunction Against Samsung/Samsung Doesn’t Get New Trial Based of Jury Misconduct

If you haven’t heard by now, news came out of the Northern California courts in regards to the Apple v. Samsung trial. Apple was denied a permanent sales… Continue reading

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